Toastmasters is a great learning experience – every meeting role gives you an opportunity to test a new skill: whether it’s being organised, being creative, facilitating, leading others, listening or evaluating.

We’ve collated some resources that new members might find helpful at the start of their Toastmasters journey.

Meeting role guide

Doing a meeting role for the first time? Here is our club guide with ideas to help you with the following meeting roles:

  • Chairman
  • General Evaluator
  • Grammarian
  • Lexicologist
  • Speech Evaluator
  • Table Topics Master
  • Timer Role
  • Toastmaster Role

Evaluation forms

All speakers get evaluated and need an evaluation form. The speakers can access their evaluation form for each speech within Pathways. However, here is a generic evaluation form for when one is needed!


Access Pathways Basecamp on Toastmasters International website.

Easy Speak

Accept meeting role assignments


Other links

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