How to Join

How to join

If you are interested in joining our club, the easiest way is to come along to one of our meetings as a visitor, free of charge and with no obligation. You will then be able to get comfortable with the meeting structure. Some guests even choose to jump in and participate in the first meeting with a short one-minute impromptu speech, called Table Topics.

You will be able to observe how we practice public speaking in a friendly, supportive and good-humoured atmosphere. 

When you are ready to join, you will need to fill in the application form and pay the Toastmasters International joining fee, as well as a pro-rata club membership fee.

Membership Fees

As a new member you will receive a lifetime membership of Toastmasters International, access to the online Pathways education program, and an experienced mentor who will be available with support and advice. 

Our current fees are as follows:

  • Toastmasters International one-off joining fee: $60.00
  • Semi-annual club membership fees: $72.00, due in September and March
  • City Tattersalls membership (our sponsor club) – 1 year social membership is free. A range of other membership options and benefits are also available

Toastmasters membership fees are generally tax-deductible if your participation in Toastmasters is intended to further your professional career.

Ready to try Toastmasters?

Feel free to contact us to get in touch to arrange your visit to a meeting as a guest.

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